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Australian Hip Hop Artist

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About Jacquie Lomas

Jacquie Lomas is an Australian hip-hop artist known for her outspoken lyrics and eccentric style. Jacquie has a biracial background and identifies as a Bi+ WOC (woman of colour) . She has supported home grown artists The Tongue, Thundamentals, Coda Conduct and Deadly Award Winners: The Last Kinnection. She has also supported international acts such as US rap legends Bone Thugs N' Harmony, The Game (USA) and Spice-1 (USA). Some of her most recent accolades include having her music videos played on MTV and performing at the 2018 Mountain Sounds Festival as the Triple J Unearthed feature artist.

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Indigo Embassy, Newtown, NSW (Australia)

+61 411 557 475

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